Posted on Jun 3, 2020

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Wake N Bacon: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

Matty Sallin was an industrial designer from San Francisco, and he thought he had created the perfect substitution for an alarm clock that aggressively wakes you up with a loud jolting noise. He had taken an electronics class in college, and as a class project designed an alarm clock that gently rouses a sleeper with the aroma of cooked bacon. The exterior of the clock was made to resemble a pig in block wood form

The Wake N Bacon alarm clock functions by heating up pre-cooked bacon ten minutes before the time you set to wake up. The user would need to place a couple of slices into the teflon-coated cooking pan the night before, and a halogen lamp would heat the bacon to a crisp. Instead of a blaring alarm sound, the user would gently wake to the smell of the bacon.
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