Posted on Apr 16, 2020

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🏂 Kota Longboards: The Profit Udpates in 2020 🏂

Located in Denver, Colorado, Kota Longboards is a business determined to produce high-quality longboards for its customers with great designs. The angle that Kota decided to go with is that they build longboards for common people. You don’t need to be a hardcore rider bombing steep hills if you want a Kota. You might just be interested in developing a new skill. These longboards will provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The Kota longboard is ideal for beginners but even very experienced riders can have a lot of fun with these boards.

The company came into existence in 2012. The founder, Mike Maloney, put the boards together in a garage. Kota is an acronym. It stands for Knights of The Air. A reference to some of the first military pilots in World War 1, coined by French soldiers. These pilots were some of the most fearless in history, especially considering how flimsy and unreliable some of the planes were. These men risked their lives with every flight. Kota Longboards channels that same kind of energy into their business. Mike used to be a pilot in the Navy.

Being a novice businessman, he was having issues scaling up the company to drive more serious profits. He needed to be able to produce more boards, hopefully at lower costs. He hoped that Marcus Lemonis might be able to help the company out with this.
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