Posted on Jun 2, 2020

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Tailgate N Go: Shark Tank Updates in 2020

Taylor and Kobe Johnson, along with their father, Ron, are avid campers from Grand Junction, Colorado. During one camping trip, they were all set to cook and realized they had forgotten to bring along a spatula. That one missing kitchen tool is what inspired Ron to create a portable, modular outdoor kitchen that would contain everything you could ever need for any kind of outdoor adventure – whether your vehicle was taking you to a campsite, a fishing trip, or a tailgate party.

They designed the kitchen as a modernized “chuck box.” A chuck box is usually a metal container that packs whatever a camper needs to use when cooking away from home – and away from a conventional kitchen.

The Johnsons named their portable kitchen the Tailgate N Go. Made from aircraft aluminum, it’s durable and lightweight. And the Johnsons have thought about every need that may arise on the road. There’s a butterfly latch to keep bears away, a bottle opener, and hooks for towels and trash bags on the outside of the box. Inside, there are many storage compartments, cutting boards, a knife magnet, and a paper towel holder.

Ron designed a patented rail system on which many of the accessories can hang, including a stove burner, griddles, grills, and even a collapsible sink.
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